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PDA에서 사용하는 위즈바와 비슷한 매직버튼 입니다.

기능이 간단한 만큼 가볍고 유용한 프로그램 입니다.

위즈바 등의 무거운 프로그램이 싫으신 분들은 이 매직버튼을 이용하시면 되며, 역시 새로운 v2.1 역시 무료 입니다 ^^;


Magic Button - Pocket PC Task Manager
There are plenty of Task Managers available for Pocket PC. However if you are still searching for the right one, try this software.

Why Magic Button worth considering to download and replace your existing one:

It is free.
Does not take up any of your screen real estate, yet easy to access.
Located on title bar but does not cover any standard info, i.e. Sound icon, notification icon.
Very small foot print (memory usage). Only 80 KB executable file does it all (help file is 8 KB extra).
Makes close button really close applications. Just in case you haven't noticed, the default one only minimizes them.
Compatible with latest and greatest Windows Mobile 6.0 (new in version 2.1).
Magic Button looks clean and blends surprisingly well with the Pocket PC theme. For those who do not want too fancy or too complicated Task Manager, this is for you.

If you have installed the software, here is how to master the tool:

To unload (shutdown) Magic Button: Tap and hold on Close button, then tap and hold on Home icon.
To show/hide the taskbar: tap and hold the OK/Minimize/Close button.
To show the application menu that has Settings and Exit menu items: tap and hold Today (Home) icon when it is visible.
Map a PocketPC application button to Magic Button software then you can show/hide the bar easier by pressing the button.
To close an individual window: tap and hold its window icon on the task bar.
To change Close Button behaviour (Close instead of Minimize) for an application: tap and hold on the app icon and select "Keep Alive" option.
Magic Button runs on Pocket PC 2002, 2003, 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. VGA screen is supported.

* Dictionary Lookup feature requires external TranCreative WordBook Dictionary to work. Turn Off feature will include Log Off and Restart if Nice Start installed.

출처 : http://www.todaysppc.com/


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